How to remove pdf blank pages?
Looking for a solution on how to remove pdf blank pages? It becomes a panic task to search and delete blank pages from pdf file if it contains thousands of pages. To overcome from this extraneous situation, we devised an application known as pdf page remover, helps in detecting and deleting blank pages from bulk pdf documents. In fact you can select the region of page to analyze the pixels to detect blankness of page. Moreover, complete process does not need any manual interference; tool automatically scans all the pages of imported scanned pdf documents. Please follow the simple steps given below to extract blank pages from batch of pdf files.

STEP1: Install the software and run it. After that, software window will appear containing toolbar at the top. Click on Add Files button to import the pdf documents into program list.

STEP2: Remove selected item or all items from the list with the click on Remove or Clear all button.

STEP3: The third step includes setting for removal of page(s) from pdf file(s). Using this application, you are provided with two options; one can remove user defined pages from pdf as well as can remove all blank pages from pdf file.
Remove all blank page(s):
Default tolerance to detect blank page is 0.005. This setting can be changed by the user. By default, program analyze whole page to detect it as blank. However you can set the area to analyze the pixels for detection as blank.

Remove part page(s):
You can also define some specific pages to remove from pdf document like 2, 6, 12-17, 29-35.

Backup removed page(s):
Select this option to create a backup copy of all deleted page(s). Program creates a new pdf for all removed page(s) at defined location.

Create log:
A log file with .txt or .csv extension is created by tool to see the report of each imported pdf documents.

STEP4: Set output pdf suffix and output location in this step and finally click on Remove Page(s).

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